Are you a undergraduate or graduate student? Looking for ways to begin your career in the tech field? With sessions, workshops and other opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students, NMCWiC will help you gain knowledge, make new connections and create a successful future.

ACM NMCWiC offers many valuable resources for students. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about your field, network with new people and discover how you can further your career.

Scholarships are no longer offered.

Celebration is now free to attend!

Student Scholarships included:

  • Individual Student Registration for the two-day conference
  • All food and snacks provided during the conference

*Please note that as a U.S. based organization, we must comply with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations, including those regarding financial transactions with certain countries and individuals. We will contact you if these laws and regulations affect your scholarship or if we require more information to make such a determination. Deadline to submit your scholarship application is March 17, 2017.

Poster Participation

We highly encourage attendees to participate in the poster session, and we are excited to see what you will be presenting! An abstract submission is required for your poster to be accepted. Deadline to submit your research poster proposal is March 26.

Poster Abstract guidelines:

100-word maximum outlining the problem/topic you are researching

Once your abstract submission has been accepted, please include the following in your poster:

  • Problem and Motivation
  • Methodology
  • Data/Results
  • Summary
  • Future Work (if applicable)


Once you have been selected to present a poster, you will be asked to submit all final session-related materials to

  • Posters may be no larger than 3’x4′.
  • We will assign your space and will provide pushpins.
  • A map of your location will be provided onsite.
  • Please be prepared to set up your poster at the poster session on Saturday, April 22, before the Poster Session begins at 10:00 am.

 For All Students


Step 1: Register to attend ACM NMCWiC 2017.

Step 2: Apply for a ACM NMCWiC Scholarship in the registration page.

Step 3: Plan your research poster and submit your idea for participation.

Step 4: Book your hotel and flights (or if you’re going with a group from your university, talk to your department to find out if they are arranging for this). You’ll want to arrive in time for the keynote on Friday and stay until Saturday, when most of our student and early career-focused programming occurs.

Step 5: Join the following communities, in association with ACMGHC2016, and ABI.

Step 6: Attend ACM NMCWiC 2017!