The NM Celebration of Women in Computing is for everyone; tech enthusiasts, non-programmers, students attending college or university, computer scientists, educators, and women or men from all walks of life.

Only 25% of the computing workforce in 2015 were women, and out of all the CS students in the United States, only 17% are female. This event strives to celebrate the individuals behind the figures, and share their fascinating life experiences in the computing and tech industry.ACM

ACM-NMCWiC is a 1.5 day, regionally organized conference sponsored in part by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). This immersive event brings women (and men!) technologists at all levels together, along with industry leading companies, community programs, and school districts, to build relationships, and celebrate the Computer Science impact on people of all ages.

ACM-NMCWiC will be held in Las Cruces, at the Hilton Garden Inn.


You will have the opportunity to network with representatives from local, national and international technology companies. Whether you are interested in tech as a career or just have some questions about specific subjects our partners will be on hand to chat with attendees throughout conference.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for all people to explore opportunities in computing, to network, and to create friendships in the region who share similar interests and passions for computing and technology.